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Snow on Plantation Road 1893?

Snow on Plantation Road 1893?

Likely taken in Canton

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1893


Greetings.   Not knowing if already discussed elsewhere!  The Hong Kong Observatory data show zero-degree C on January 18, 1893 -  

Such condition is cold enough to cause snowfall, and prevents melting given Plantation Road is several hundred metres above sea level.

The white stuff on the railings, roof top, and car tread marks convince me this was a snow day.  The people in the photo and their clothings show that they did not want to miss this rare event.   Regards,  Peter 


I cant remember where we originally discussed this picture but I recall that it was decided that it was taken in Canton. 

Thank you Herostratus for the clarification on another page which I missed.  Regards,  Peter

Addendum: - moddsey coming to the rescue again, Thanks!