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Soldier of Fortune 001.jpg

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Soldier of Fortune 001.jpg

Connaught Road in “Soldier of Fortune” (1955)


“There are lots of scene-setting shots in Soldier of Fortune that reveal a great deal of what HK was like in 1955. The following grab is from the intro and we see an extended bit of film along Connaught Road including one of the old police platforms used by traffic constables for directing traffic.

Being on the waterfront, as it was, Connaught Road is unrecognizable today and I've included a street-view grab below so you can see what the same stretch of road looks like today. Look carefully on the film grabs and in the distance you will see what was Queen's Building on the corner of Statue Square (just to the right of the police platform). Of course this was replaced by the Mandarin Oriental about 10 years later. This view is impossible now.”