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Lane Crawford Des Voeux Road.jpg

Lane Crawford Des Voeux Road.jpg

“Lane Crawford House, Des Voeux Road, Central, June, 1977 from a pack of Postcards issued for the Hong Kong Handover in 1997. the cards say 1887 to 1997 which refers to when Kowloon was ceded on a 99 year lease.”

Privately, in 1980s, my wife had studied abroad in Beijing, and we met once in a month in Hong Kong. At the time, Beijing was still old atmosphere (no gorgeousness), every time she visited to Hong Kong, she had exulted to spend her precious time in weekend at “Lane Crawford”. This department store is absolutely different from other department stores in Hong Kong. She had often said “Here is Europe!”  Their wrapping paper in pink and gray was her most favorite. Certainly, this store is special. I myself had bought various rare things here that I could not find them in Tokyo, furthermore, at reasonable prices.




The upper floors also housed the HK Telephone Co's admin offices and automatic Telephone Exchange serving Central District.



Thanks, I have not known HK Telephone Co's office and their  "machine room" were located at  upper floors of the building.