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Peninsula Court 1970.jpg

Peninsula Court 1970.jpg

This is a good old photo at nice angle. ( from Sheraton Hotel?)

Though I had stayed at various hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui, regrettably I had no chance to stay at “Court”. Latterly, I had often bought Peninsula chocolates for souvenir at the ground floor of this building. 


During under construction for Kowloon Hotel after the Court, I heard from my friend in Hong Kong that Peninsula Group planned to build their new hotel imaging of 21 century at the time. And it was true, when I stayed at this hotel first, the display in my room showed the charges (restaurant, cleaning, bar) one by one immediately, and showed the messages from the outside here, not the message paper under the door.

I lost my chance to stay the Court, but I could experience a futuristic guest room at the same place.


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