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RepulseBay HongKong1.jpg

RepulseBay HongKong1.jpg

My first visit to Hong Kong was in 1972, at the time, I felt some destiny regarding “the

Encountering to Hong Kong”. It was a rainy season in July, and the worst term to visit to Hong Kong.

But, strangely, against this terrible hotness and impossible humidity in the town,

I was enchanted by the unfathomed allure that the blending of European culture and Chinese one. I had spent many days in Europe and America in my student days before the visit to Hong Kong, but this small town gave me some strong impression to me.  Since then, until the end of 1980s, I have visited Hong Kong 178 times for both business and pleasure.


During 1970s, Repulse Bay area was calm and rustic place, and I loved them.

And old Repulse Bay Hotel was the most favorite place.

Though I have not stayed this hotel consisting of 32 suit rooms, taking the lunch with friends at its veranda in the late afternoon provided us great pleasure.

Comparing with the veranda restaurant at present Repulse Bay Hotel, there was no window between the outside, the guests felt the wind of South China Sea and enjoyed the garden with Delonix regia and shining sea directly.

And recently, I knew Japanese Military had named this hotel as Midorigahama Hotel

("The Hotel of the Green Mountain" ) during Japanese occupation in Hong Kong.



“In December 1941, the British for a short time used the Repulse Bay Hotel as their headquarters. Although they and their Canadian allies managed to drive the enemy out of an area around the hotel, the troops were unable to dislodge the Japanese from the surrounding hill positions and were forced to withdraw. In 1943 the Japanese reopened the hotel to the public, renaming it, somewhat more colorfully, the Midorigahama Hotel ("The Hotel of the Green Mountain" ). After reverting to the British in 1945, the hotel lasted until 1982, when it was dismantled for development. Today it is a commercial complex with four residential towers in the midst of an upscale area highly prized for its sandy beaches. The poster is probably from the 1930s”





I wrote there was no window at the Veranda of old Repulse Bay Hotel in my post, but it meant there was no "Glass" window between outside. Sorry.