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1978 - view from the Peak

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1978 - view from the Peak

Sheung Wan

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, August 5, 1978


Hi there,

I believe the photo is not showing Wanchai.  I think it was Sheung Wan.  This being:

  1. A tram with a trailer is shown in the upper right, pointing to the top of the photo;
  2. In Wanchai only Tin Lok Lane has similar tram line setup but the building in this photo did not add up;
  3. I also believe I saw just a little bit of the old Sheung Wan Market's brick structure just a bit to the left of the Tram/Trailer;

Keen eyes needed to confirm.

Thanks & Best Regards,



Correct, the big white building in the centre of the photo is the Wah Koon building between Hollywood Road and upper Lascar road. Its now a terracotta colour

Noted with thanks.