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Wai Shin Street Tai Poi Market, perhaps

Wai Shin Street Tai Poi Market, perhaps
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, December 1, 2006


Andrew - this looks like the top of Fu Shin Street where it joins with Shung Tak Street.



Agreed with Phil. This is Shung Tak Street in google as seen here. The alley is the way to the old temple

Thanks to you both that little problem is solved! That location would fit in with my likely route when I was going in 2005 or 6 to take the photograph of the steps leading up towards the old station. Now, can I delete that unwanted photograph or is it best left there to make sense of this correspondence? Andrew

Suggest to delete and replace it with another from your collection. Best Regards.

This street is actually quite pivotal to the development of Tai Po town. It's the original town street where the "Alliance of 7" set up their market in 1892 to compete with the Tang-controlled "old market" on the other side of the river. The Man Mo Temple (down Fu Shin St) was the market's administration centre and the initial money raised for the market also funded the sinking of the nearby well (it's still there - behind where you were standing to take this picture) and the construction of the Kwong Fuk bridge so that the market could be patronised by those coming from Fanling (and further) without the need to pay the ferry fee to cross the river (the ferry was also controlled by the Tangs).

Here's a photo I took about 2 weeks ago.

Fu Shin Street Market.JPG
Fu Shin Street Market.JPG, by Philk