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Medal ribbons

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Medal ribbons

Medal ribbons that belonged to R B LEVKOVICH.


Left to Right

             1939 - 1945 Star     

                    India General Service Medal 1936 -1939  with rosette  

                                    Pacific Star with rosette

                                                           Defence Medal

Interested to know how he came about the IGS 36-39 with rosette denoting clasp.Only two clasps issued, North West Frontier 1936 -1937, and North West Frontier 1937 - 1939.

I am surprised to see that the 39-45 Star is the first ribbon on this bar.  The order of wearing is the proclaimed order of precedence for the wearing of medals.  The India GSM should, I believe, take precedence over the 39-45 Star as that campaign was before WWII.  I am also surprised at the omission of the 39-45 War Medal. The Rosette on the Pacific Star indicates that the wearer is also entitled to the Burma Star.

Hi, further to your comments. I can't really comment on the order of the ribbons.... maybe they were just inadvertently mounted this way. Nonetheless, those shown were not the only ones I have. A number of other medals and ribbons were also in the box belonging to my late father which I did not post on the site. I also pinned just two of the ribbons to his old dress uniform (see pic - IMG_0537.JPG ) which is now with my nephew in Sydney (he served as a medic in Afganistan with the 2nd Commando regiment). I'm not sure how to post the new Image but have noted it above.


I'll step in and paraphrase a couple of recent comments that I've just hidden. Let's keep the conversation respectful and stick to the history.

Hi Paul,

I see a couple of readers are interested in the medal ribbon that is green-red-white-red-green, which they note is the India General Service Medal (1936). notes it was awarded: 

for minor military campaigns on the North-West Frontier of India between 1936 and 1939.

That doesn't seem to match any of the events in the timeline at, which says Mr Leslie was in Hong Kong and Shanghai during those years.

Also in the passport photo showing Mr Leslie wearing his medal ribbons, it doesn't seem to show the IGSM (1936) medal:

RBL Passport-photo
RBL Passport-photo, by Admin


Is there any chance that the IGSM (1936) ribbon was added mistakenly in recent years? Or that your father had some connection with India in the late 1930s that wasn't documented previously?

Regards, David