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Bamboo scaffolding Canton Road

Bamboo scaffolding Canton Road

Looking South down Canton Road We were amazed to see that bamboo scaffolding was still in use - in this case on a very tall hotel(?) building that would be part of the huge shopping complex being built.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, July 27, 1981


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I believe Ocean Centre is not the ones under Scafffoldings.  If we count the blocks from Salisbury Road, Ocean Centre is the third block, in the order of Star House, Hong Kong Hotel/Ocean Theatre, then Ocean Centre.  Itsouter wall look the same today except for the main entrance and the shopping levels. 

Those in scaffoldings are not completed yet.

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Hello T

You're probably right. I have a feeling that this photograph was taken a bit further North on Canton Road. I've just looked at Google Earth street view and it looks very different!  Regards Andrew


Canton Road looking south (2011)
Canton Road looking south (2011), by Klaus

Found this among my 2011 images. Taken 30 years after Andrew's one, 100-200m further north and from a bridge. Buildings from 1981 are completed, but construction work is still going on, possibly filling space between buildings

Hi Klaus

How things change!  I vaguely remember that in 1958 Canton Road had warehouses on the west side and a row of shop houses on the east side to the south of the Whitfield barracks. I didn't know much of Kowloon because, as our camp was on the island, it was much easier to explore the streets there. However, some areas, both on the island and in Kowloon, were out of bounds to service personnel so we were a bit restricted as to where we could go and probably missed the opportunity to explore and photograph some really different streets.