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The Peak from Tamar Street.

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The Peak from Tamar Street.

 I am fairly certain that I have identified the location correctly. Wrong! Thanks to GW and Moddsey we now have the correct location for the title

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, July 28, 1981


I agree that it's a junction with Queensway, but I believe you were standing on Tamar Street. Where? Tamar Street is the road that runs from Queensway to the bus station underneath Queensway Plaza Shopping Centre.

It can be seen from the reverse angle in another of your snaps ( In that pic the land on the west of Tamar Street is vacant and has a white fence around it which can also be seen above. Later the Bond Centre, now renamed Lippo Centre, was built of that site.

I tend to agree with gw. The present day view can be seen here . In the present day view, the building that is at the upper levels and dwarfed between the high rises can be seen in the 1981 photograph.

Thanks Moddsey and GW. I'll change the title. Best wishes. Andrew