The Peak-'SKY HIGH'-HSBC Chairman's house-Plantation Road houses | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
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The Peak-'SKY HIGH'-HSBC Chairman's house-Plantation Road houses

The Peak-'SKY HIGH'-HSBC Chairman's house-Plantation Road houses

This image has been posted in response to Compradore's request for an image of a particular house

Plenty of red flattish roofs.

The pink flat roof house can just been seen at the left hand edge of the lower new construction site

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, June 15, 1996


IDJ, thanks for looking through your slides.  This is a splendid picture! 

If a similar picture was taken from this location in 1990/91, it would have shown Abergeldie, the red flattish roof house with the tennis court that I visited in the 1970s.  The cluster of townhouses (also called Abergeldie) in the bottom leftmost corner is where the old Standard Chartered house used to stand and this current generation was completed in 1994. 

The construction site is for the current Belvedere townhouse development on the plot of of Shell's former taipan house, which sold in 1994.

The two identical light brown roof houses above the HSBC quarters (the V-shaped red roof compound) are Leonard, 4 & 6 Pollock's Path and they are still the bank's executive houses.  Another bank property (lowrise called Fung Shui, 50 Plantation Road) is seen directly below the pink house.

Finally, that pink house you posted a few pictures of is called Hilden, 5 Pollock's Path.  I think it is a pre-war property and was never owned by the bank, to my knowledge.