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1950s Kai Tak

1950s Kai Tak

The title had previously stated 1961 Kai Tak. Probably late 1950s.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957



There's part of a car number plate visible - AA36?? - behind the VW Combi, which may provide a clue ?

Looks like a Lockheed Constellation in the background with a flag (Netherlands/Paraguay ?) symbol on its centre tailfin.


The VT portion of the registration just after the last window on the Constellation's fuselage would make it

an 'Air India' aircraft. The remainder of the registration is not clear to accurately identify the exact one.

Thanks, IDJ. Definitely an Air India Constellation. My aging monitor shows the flag as  red/white/blue when in fact it's orange/white/green.


Yes, it is an Air India Lockheed  'Connie'.