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Hong Kong Map (1980)(1).jpg

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Hong Kong Map (1980)(1).jpg

Detail of a Hong Kong Tourist Map. We got it from the Furama Intercontinental Hotel, therefore the hotel is highlighted in yellow-greenish color (on part 3 of this map series.) 

Interesting to compare are exchange rates from HK$ to US$. In 1980 it was 5,0 to 1,0. During the economic crisis it went up to 10,0 to 1,0, after the introduction of the Linked Exchange Rate System it was 7,8 to 1,0. It's still in that range - amazing for an European who experienced ranges in US$ to Euro exchange rates from 1,45 US$ to 1,0 € compared to 0,85 US$ to 1,0 €.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, June 1, 1980