Zieglers on the beach with friends | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Zieglers on the beach with friends

Zieglers on the beach with friends


Hello folks,

This is a very special photo. How often can you see a photo which really shows a half-sunny-and-half-cloudy scenario. The left was in the shadow of the cloud and the right was pretty sunny. And the division was quite well- balanced. This photo should worth much more.

About the location....

There could only be 2 possible choices of similar location. They are the Kwun Yam Wan ( about half a km west of House #29) or the Pak Cho Wan (about a km northeast of House #29).

My guess is Pak Cho Wan, based on the background landscape here. The hillsides are low-lying with farming village in this vicinity. There was also an orchard growing different types of popular fruits like the lychee, longan (dragon's eye), tangerine, guava, papaya, orange, pineapple, chinese greyfruit, ...etc

The location is also known as the Italian Beach.

See if you could hit-a-trail from here and off to Rome somedays?

Impossible before, but all possible now!

Thanks Heaven!!