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Scene on right of pagoda showing stone arch.JPG

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Scene on right of pagoda showing stone arch.JPG

Having gone, it would appear, anti clockwise from Kowloon Hospital :

Roland Brooks watched an Atlas plane at Kai Tak load up and take off - passed high above some Coastal villages - saw a train crossing to Kowloon - and an old stone footbridge - passed through a town with several coveered trucks (army type?) - passed some Chinese women with baskets crossing a bridge - went to a border crossing (perhaps) with barricade and Union Jack and some 'official' building alongside with high barricade fencing and also Union Jack - then to a town where people were operating a pump into a channel - then he passed a tall pagoda !

This frame shows a stone arch on the far right of the pagoda - (between it and the pagoda is a 2-storey building) - and in front of the arch there appears to be a haystack or a thatched roof. See frame 49-24-23 for a closer shot of the pagoda. 


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, February 25, 1948


Edit: after initially thinking this could be Greenville Theme park in Tai Po, after moddsey posted an image of the archway it looks like my guess is a bust. The only other place I can think of that may fit the shape of the archway in Ching Chun Koon in Tuen Mun - or at least a very early version of it. It was opened in 1949 and so it still a possibility. It has a much older archway on the eastern side of the complex which looks a bit similar to the one above.


Not sure if the Yuen Yuen Institute was suggested previously. Noticed the pagoda here

I think this is definitely the type of pagoda we are looking at i.e. ornamental rather than one you can go in, but I think the Yuen Yuen Institute's location, on the lower slope of Tai Mo Shan at Tuen Wan, doesn't match the flat looking terrain of this image. However, some sort of religious property certainly makes sense.

Hi David,

I just remember seeing a similar gateway in Lam Tai in a public park.  It is what'e left of a previous private estate called 李苑 (Lee Yuen).  The gateway had been restored\white washed as the centre piece of the yard of the public park.

There was likely a perimeter wall back then.   On the other hand, Lee Yuen was not the only private estate in the area.  in the 1960's two Buddhist monks bought a private estate called 張苑 (Cheung Yuen) literally just next door and turn it into the Miu Fat Monastery.