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Pumping in channel 1.JPG

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Pumping in channel 1.JPG

This frame in the 'round robin' trail of Roland Brooks follows on from:

1. Kowloon hospital (already uploaded - see Brooks family gallery)

2. Atlas plane scenes (already uploaded before - see Brooks family photo gallery)

3. the three Coastal village scenes just uploaded

4. next is the train scene (already uploaded)

5. Frame 48-06-16 and 48-08-11 of same place show several covered trucks all similar (maybe army?) in a Chinese town.

6. A  frame showing a small stone bridge

7.  Frame 48-16-06 shows Chinese women carrying baskets crossing what appears to be a bridge near a border crossing.

8. Frame 48-20-04 which shows Union Uack flying and 49-23-20 show what appears to be a barricaded crossing.

9. This frame 48-35-01 is a closer frame of the building showing big gates and it immediately follows the previous frames of the barricaded area with Union Jack - which indicates it is alongside. Other frames of this building were uploaded previously. the previous frame 48-28-14 shows the Union Jack flying at this building.  The whole scenerio: from the Chinese women crossing what appears to be a bridge - to the barricades and to this building - does look like some sort of border crossing.

10.  Next on his trip Roland came across a pump being operated in a Chinese town - see also frame 49-08-02. There is a walking bridge going across a channel to where a hose from the pump was leading - see right lower corner. 

Remember you can identify these frames in the film sequence by the timing on the left top corner.



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, February 25, 1948