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Pumping in Channel 2.JPG

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Pumping in Channel 2.JPG

This frame in the 'round robin' trail of Roland Brooks follows on from:

1. Kowloon hospital (already uploaded - see Brooks family gallery)

2. Atlas plane scenes (already uploaded before - see Brooks family photo gallery)

3. the three Coastal village scenes just uploaded

4. next is the train scene (already uploaded)

5. Frame 48-06-16 and 48-08-11 of same place show several covered trucks all similar (maybe army?) in a Chinese town.

6. A  frame showing a small stone bridge

7.  Frame 48-16-06 shows Chinese women carrying baskets crossing what appears to be a bridge near a border crossing.

8. Frame 48-20-04 which shows Union Uack flying and 49-23-20 show what appears to be a barricaded crossing.

9. This frame 48-35-01 is a closer frame of the building showing big gates and it immediately follows the previous frames of the barricaded area with Union Jack - which indicates it is alongside. Other frames of this building were uploaded previously. the previous frame 48-28-14 shows the Union Jack flying at this building.  The whole scenerio: from the Chinese women crossing what appears to be a bridge - to the barricades and to this building - does look like some sort of border crossing.

10.  Next on his trip Roland came across a pump being operated in a Chinese town - see also frame 49-01-05. There is a walking bridge going across a channel to where a hose from the pump was leading (see bottom left corner). 

Remember you can identify these frames in the film sequence by the timing on the left top corner.



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, February 25, 1948