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010 A crowd of people by Atlas plane Kowloon 1948.JPG

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010 A crowd of people by Atlas plane Kowloon 1948.JPG

Another "still" taken from an 8mm film made in 1948 or 1949. 

The film shows a biggish crowd of people (50?), European and Asian, lining up on a tarmac, getting on board, and sitting on board an Atlas plane which subsequently takes off.  The area is quite bare of buildings, trees etc - looks like the New Territories.  It must have been some special occasion - such flights would not have been that common then. 

Does anyone know what the occasion could be?  and where?


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, February 25, 1948


This is probably the Standard Atlas company Douglas DC4 flying showroom based in America that travelled around the world showing off 'Atlas' products to potential buyers. It was fitted out with all the products that from recollection ranged from car tyres to smaller items. It would not be carrying passengers other than possibly a few company employees as the sales display space took up much of the usual passenger area. There are reports of its visit in the SCMP and there is a picture of it in the background along with smaller aircraft in the 'Wings over Hong Kong' book. The location was definitely Kai Tak airport, not the New Territories as inferred.

The Atlas DC4 arrived at Kai Tak on 25 February 1948. The China Mail of the following day reported the aircraft's arrival.

Thank you Moddsey - that is great info!  Now we have a precise date of Dad's excursion. Perhpas this event was the draw-card that started him on his round-robin drive around the area.