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one the way to Korea

one the way to Korea

Star House godown predecessor in background

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1951


Looks like a group of mainly National Servicemen just disembarked from the troopship - likely the Empire Windrush or Empire Orwell  - moored in the background.

An interesting photo, because the usual route was Southampton to Singapore, then over the causeway to Nee Soon transit camp for a few days to be kitted out with lightweight green - then on to Korea by troopship or - in my case aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Unicorn. These lads still in standard battledress with 'blancoed' puttees and carrying their rifles are probably being marched to Whitfield Barracks to be kitted-out.

Majority of us aged 18 and 19 hadn't even heard of Korea, where it was, why we were going there or what we were fighting for.