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1964 Fenwick Street

1964 Fenwick Street

Photo courtesy of Tom (TWE42).

Tom also has a photo taken from this spot looking east along Gloucester Rd (at that time, the seafront).

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, May 1, 1964


Additional notes from moddsey:

A nice photo of Fenwick St with the China Fleet Club on the right and East Town Theatre further up. The East Town was supposedly haunted. Most patrons , including myself, had 'the spooks' when a call of nature was required when using the facilities at the theatre.

And tngan:

My old man told me before it was a movie theatre, the location used to be a funeral parlour.  Maybe that was why many said it was haunted.  Some even say the same thing to the commercial building today.

Correction: The building on the right should read the Sailors' Home and Mission to Seamen and not the China Fleet Club.

The building was  used as a nurse dormitory of the Queen Mary Hospital before it was demolished.

The building in front of the East Town Theatre was the premises of the Keung Sheung Daily News. Keung Sheung Daily News was a renowned Chinese  language newspaper before it was closed in 1984.

The Keung Sheung Daily News Building opened on 8th April, 1964 and had been demolished.

It is correct. When I was a little boy, my mother told me the lady's room has a woman always combing the hair in front of the mirror. It is haunted.

Thanks for the pictures and bring back my memory.