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Royal Air Laos DC6

Royal Air Laos DC6

Taxying past the Terminal building.These aircraft were crammed full of cargo,baggage at the time of the Vietnam war.The worst offenders were the active blackmarket in Laos!

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, July 1, 1962


Looks like taken under the wing of a Thai Airways Convair 990.

Moddsey , yes its a Thai Convair.

Model: CV-990-30A-6 Coronado, Year built: 1962, Construction Number: 30-10-17

A plane owned by Swissair, leased to SAS as SE_DAZ, and then Thai Airlines as HS_TGE. Later renumbered as HB-ICH for Swissair.  
The registration HS-TGE was also used for a DC10 and 747.