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who are these people with the Governor?


Original photo at http://wellcomeimages.org/, their ref: V0027518

Lawrence Tsui:

The Chinese on the left looked like Tang Shiu-kin (later Sir).  If so, I would speculate that the Governor was Sir Cecil Clementi (Governor of HK 1925-1930).


The same photo appears in the Hong Kong Telegraph dated 8 June 1935.

Yes, the Chinese gentleman is Tang Shiu-kin. The occasion held at Government House on 28 May 1935 was for the investiture of honours conferred by the King upon local residents in the New Year's List. It was a unique occasion, as the Acting Governor, Sir Thomas Southorn invested his wife with the OBE.

Henry Ching:

I recall seeing this very photo in a publication (I think from Formasia), but I am unable now to find it. From memory, the names of all in the photo were given. The two gentlemen in khaki uniform were, I think, Dr G.D.R.Black on the left (killed at St Stephen’s in Stanley) and Colonel Dowbiggin on the right.

Yes, the photo appeared in Formasia (Excellency- Governors of Hong Kong) but the photo caption was incorrect.

From left to right:

Tang Shiu-kin, M.B.E., Mrs G.D.R. Black, Mr J. H. B. Lee, Lady Southorn, O.B.E.,  Professor W. I. Gerrard, O.B.E., Sir Thomas Southorn, Colonel L. G. Bird, D.S.O., O.B.E., Lieut.-Colonel G.D.R. Black. O.B.E., M.D., Lieut.-Colonel H.B.L. Dowbiggin, O.B.E. V.D., and Captain R.F. Walter A.D.C.