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W R Chester-Woods

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W R Chester-Woods

Sketch of W R Chester-Woods, cropped from this image:


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, June 1, 1942


 Interesting point - In Savitsky's sketch he is wearing a two button side cap,together with his HKP Shoulder title and Bath Star badges of rank.First time I have seen the side cap,was it an HKP issue or perhaps an RAF headress he had liberated ?.I have seen this type of side cap worn in Colonial Police Forces in Africa but never encountered it in Hong Kong.

An interesting comment above regarding the cap worn by this gentleman. In the image from which it is taken, (referred to just below the drawing), there are 6 members of the HKP shown, including the Commissioner, Pennefather-Evans.

One of the policemen is Bernard P. Thorp, who is wearing what looks like a U.S. Navy enlisted man's cap. Definitely not HKP Government-issue, I would suggest! Perhaps these guys just wore whatever they could get there hands on in captivity - no time for parade ground exactness!