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Topees, Summer 1931

Topees, Summer 1931

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Ride, from her private collection:

I was looking at your site about Topees, and thought you might like to see the attached photo:  'Topees, Summer 1931'.  The strap across the brim was originally a chin-strap.  The button on top was only decorative I think, but may have had a function on the original topees. 

The children are my brother David and myself taken at a house in University Path, which no longer exists but was a continuation of Lyttleton Road.  Here is a photo of the Compound pre-war with the three semi-detached Staff houses on University Path at the top.  In those days, we were shifted around the University properties as we came back from Leave, so I cannot say which one it was, but it looks like No 1 to me.  

What David is showing me I do not know, but he was a great collector of bugs and beetles, so that could be the answer.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, June 1, 1931


I well remember the topee. I am trying to add an image to this comment, but am having difficulties completing all the field items. I will try and make a new entry instead.   

Topees, by Bob Tatz


I posted a mystery photo from our family album of children in topees under "Unkown_children.jpg" at  I put it in the 1930s gallery but perhaps it's earlier. What do people think? The children in Elizabeth's photo look better turned out.