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St. Joseph's / Wah Yan at Robinson Road

St. Joseph's / Wah Yan at Robinson Road

Here is one for those interested in the Robinson Road school premises of St. Joseph's, Wah Yan or even St. Joan of Arc Primary School. 

Peter Tsui Yan-sau, founder of the Wah Yan Colleges, went to St. Joseph's College 1900 to 1907.  He returned to teach there between 1914 & 1919 when he founded Wah Yan Hong Kong.  WYHK moved to the old St. Joseph's premises in 1921, occupying the highrise building and the adjacent classroom block which was extended under Tsui's supervision.

Picture taken in the playground of WYHK circa 1924.  Peter Tsui on the right.  The door at the rear led to an open staircase, on the left leading down to the houses of the St. Joseph's complex and Cathedral; on the right leading up to Robinson Road.  It also led to the adjacent highrise block, at the lower part (basement level) was the small school hall / music room.  The classroom block would be on the right with a covered playground and one of two classrooms.  The toilets were located below the playground; accessible from the stairwell just behind the group photo.



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, June 1, 1924