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Peter Morton's Album - 10 (Tolo Harbour)

Peter Morton's Album - 10 (Tolo Harbour)

It captioned "Tolo Harbour"....but where exactly? Any idea?



I guess it is near Sam Mun Tsai as there were fishing boat. And the hill behind looked like Pat Sin Leng.

Don't think it's Sam Mun Tsai - I don't recognise that pointy mountain at all so I don't think its Pat Sin Leng - perhaps further up the channel towards Sai Kung area?

I think the pointy hill is Sharp Peak, Sai Kung.

I think you are right. photographer probably took this photo somewhere near Sai Kung West Country Park.

I'm inclined to agree which means this shot is more likely somewhere like Long Harbour or perhaps at the mouth of Tolo Channel nr Tap Mun.