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Peter Morton's Album - 09 (Ma On Shan)

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Peter Morton's Album - 09 (Ma On Shan)

Ma On Shan

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, April 1, 1957


This is the view of Ma On Shan from the west. I think this picture was taken from the Tai Po area.

I think it is near the present day Science Park. I work there and  I see a similar view every day

Is it possible to take a photo and compare the current view?


Hi hfsiu, I tried to find a Google street view with ridgeline that matches the one in this photo.  Please take a look at the promenade outside the Tom Bar+Grill at Harbour View 2, next to the two bench seats.  The ridgeline remains similar for a distance to the northwest.   It appears the old photo was taken from shore where subsequently was extended to make room for the promenade.  Regards,  Peter