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The Aperture

The Aperture
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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hi there,

The design of this site looked very similar to the FP compound up in Lung Fu Shan.  To which direction is the aperture facing please?

Thanks & Best Regards,


Hi T,

Yes, I agree there are physical similarities, most obviously the corregated ceiling. I note Rob Weir at gives the estimated construction date of Lung Fu Shan PF Cells as 1900, which corresponds to the estimated construction date from 1886-7 to 1894-5 for the Lei Yue Mun Reverse QF Battery, and 1890-2 for the Lei Yue Mun Pass QF Battery (also with corregated ceiling), explained in, "Structures on the South Coast of Lei Yue Mun Channel". I suppose we can take the presence of these very wide corrugations as an indication a military structure was built around 1900.