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Marine Lot 111

Marine Lot 111

The attached may help muddy waters further when it comes to Marine Lot 122! It refers of the application for a licence to process human hair.

Incidentally the granting of the licence to a Mr Lowe is interesting. At the time I believe he headed HK's largest accountancy firm. Subsequently one of his employees - John Fleming - an amazing man - was involved in the running Warren and Co Ltd after the death of Charles Warren.

Fleming was I think interned in Stanley for the duration of the occupation but had taken the precaution of burying many of his company books before the Japanese arrived. Thus he was able to go back to business almost from where he left off after liberation! I understand that Lowe's company was eventually taken over by Price Waterhouse Cooper.

Information on John Fleming would be of great interest.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1912