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Kowloon  Bars, Restaurants and Night Clubs

Reverse side of the Chantecler Restaurant Bar Card. The card also shows the location of the Princess Theatre, Whitfield Barracks and the Telephone building.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1958


I always thought it was Cherikoff Restaurant/Cafe situated here! Correct me if I am wrong.

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Businesses might be moving around over the years.  I remember my old man had brought me to the Chantecler in the late 1960's, but my impression was that my version of the Chantecler was not in the corner of Hill Wood Road.  I am unable to recall where was it.

I also remember a Cherikoff near Hill Wood Road & Austin Road, but I am unable to recall exactly where.

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Hi T,

that's what I thought, Cherikoff was near the intersection of Nathan/Hill Wood, closer to Jordan Road as opposed to TST.

But I might be wrong because it was almost 50 years ago.



I was told that Chantecler was located near the railway track off Prince Edward Road, near DBS. That was late 60s - mid 70s. Can someone verify please?

If it's any help, Cheng Po Hung's "Early HK Eateries" book lists the original site of Cherikoff's at 184 Nathan Road - just a few metres north of the intersection of Nathan and Hillwood. Not sure if this would have still been the same location 50 years ago though...?

I can recall using the restaurant so many years ago.Prince Edward road as I remember,and also there was one on Nathan road I think. Mike

Any one got a copy of the menu.I remember they used to serve about 5 courses of Russian based food,small dishes,at lunchtime.A very unusual and enjoyable eating place. Mike

My 1965 "Tourist's News" has a full-page ad for Chantecler at 39 Hankow Road,Kowloon.  "Drink Vodka with your Zakouska" it says.

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Ah, Hankow Road......  all I could remember is that it was very close to Peking Road as my Old Man's office was in Peking Road back then.

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If Cherikoff was on 184 Nathan Road, then perhaps I was right that it was closer to Jordan than TST.

Thanks philk for the information.

Does anyone remember 'Joe's Bar' ? Was in either Granville or Cameron Road and a favourite after work hangout for expats in the 1960 and 70's .

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Just thought that I would my share my memories of this bar. I was regular user of both the bar and the bakery during my service there in 1956/57. I used the bar almost on a daily basis and can confirm that the card at the top of the page is accurate in showing the location. Apart from the bar, the bakery on Nathan Road was a very popular destination for servicemen late at night. Following a night on the town in TST lots of men from both Whitfield Barracks and Gun Club Hill Barracks would head for the Chantecler to pick up a large ham roll (lots of cooked ham on a freshly baked bread roll) which they would eat while walking back to camp. On Saturday night some would take one of these snacks, and keep it for Sunday morning breakfast when they had a late sleep in. I can tell you that the bakery was very busy beween midnight and 1.00am, the latter time being the curfew for all army personnel to be back in camp in those days. A lot of bars would also close at 1.00am back then.