Cathay Pacific Lockheed Electra L-188 VR-HFN Kai Tak 1960's | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Lockheed Electra L-188 VR-HFN Kai Tak 1960's

Cathay Pacific Lockheed Electra L-188 VR-HFN Kai Tak 1960's

Taken from the observation deck overlooking the main apron at old Kai Tak -  1965 - ish.

Two BOAC Comet 4's in the background.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1965


We were at Kai Tak on another matter when we heard of an enquiry going on. Airport auth. were wondering why big aircraft were currently landing 'at speed' into Kai Tak and it was found that pilots were betting on who could land in the shortest time from the 8 mile outer marker to wheels down on the runway. They found out when a Cathay pilot had a time dispute/argument with Pan am and wanted the control tower to verify location/times to win the bet. Us? myself and Yam Man Yau were on the roof next to the control tower windows with loaded rifles dealing with a security matter airside on the tar-mac. The control room staff took more interest/photos in us and our equipment than the management (above) discussion going on in the tower.

Nice Photo. Anyone know what the white building was used for? VIP reception area? Can't make out the lettering on the building.

I think 1965 should be correct as reclamation work on the expansion of the apron appears to have commenced in 1966 as shown here

Thanks, M.

Picture has lost some definition in scanning. Tried a magnifier on the original negative but still couldn't make out the lettering. Could it be HK Air Training School ?

I have a photo in a book but again can not read the letters that clerarly.It looks to me that it says Kai Tak Ambulance Service.I can confirm that it was not a building used for passengers,as I can remember that from my dad's time and mine at the airport.....hope that helps.


Thanks for the assistance. This photo shows that the white buidling was close to the RAF Dispersal Area so there may be a connection.

I've got a photo on my Flickr page that shows it,too. Even at "original" size, I can't quite make it out either, but I wonder if it says the same thing as that rolling staircase by the plane: "Terminal Services"?

Same plane as the one above. The old Kai Tak observation deck was a fascinating place for plane spotters - if you could put up with the noise.

Cathay Pacific Lockhead Electra L-188 VR-HFN at Kai Tak - 1965

Interesting to see two BOAC Comet 4s together in the background. However by 1964 these were being sold off as the Boeing B707s were taking over from them. The BOAC 707s started on the Hong Kong service in December 1960 with a twice a week service.

Looked at another photo. It is a waterworks pumping station. The lettering says:


Kai Tak Pumping Station