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Police Training School. PTS. RHKP.

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Police Training School. PTS. RHKP.

Matt Handley left. Ian? middle.  me right. The full beer machine all paid for and due to be collected by the brewery full or not,  kidnapped, Matt and Steve Leuty the Navy rigged up the block and tackle with lots of co-help and the whole lot hoisted into the rafters of the officers quarters and cammo-ed by me. As the days wore on the Commandant Ken Farmer got served with a legal notice for the machine to be returned. The hiddy hole was so good a search failed to find it and no one gave it away because they would replace it if they did. An empty machine was returned cleaned and fingerprint free. That was the first time Ken Farmer was seen with flecks blasting from his mouth at his morning parade blasting.   


Front and center is Ian Seabourne (IP) a Scot and good friend of Frank Murphy(IP) who were both very good friends with Bob Toal. The photo is on the top floor of the single officers dorm. PTS. 1974. The round light behind our heads is the hall-way light and behind this is the access void to the roof space, a handy hidy-hole when you have made-up block and tackle, ropes and a full beer machine. After all the contents had been paid for.