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Peng Chau Limekiln Factories

Peng Chau Limekiln Factories

Leung Sin Shang - the owner of the Limekiln Factories on Peng Chau - together with his wife an child. Picture taken by: Pastor Johannes Mueller, 1904-02-20, on a boat trip arranged by Leung Sin Shang for the Orphanage Bethesda and other missionaries from various denominations.

According to Mueller, Leung Sin Shang, "an very interessting man", had lived for a couple of years in the US. Mueller notes Leung´s western outfit - which he disliked as much as the chinese outfit of western missionaries on that trip to Peng Chau: "a disguise for both", Mueller. Besides his work as factory owner Leung Sin Shang run his own missionary work on the mainland.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, February 20, 1904


My mom and I had been living in Peng Chau for a period of time in the mid-1950s. I felt sorry for the islanders there because of the serious pollutions by a couple of factories.

The Limekiln.  The leather factory.  and the Great China Match Factory which had on fires once during our short stay there.

The air was quite acidic and smoky all year round. However people need jobs and had to accept the bitter reality.


Only good for us was we met a nice family there.