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Marine Lot 111 as in 1936-45

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Marine Lot 111 as in 1936-45

On a survey sheet in "Mapping Hong Kong" page 167, Marine Lot 111 was sub-divided, and Mallory Street was built between Marine Lots 110 and 111.   It appears the sub-divided lots, namely 2253, 2254 and 2255 came from the mother lot ---- Marine Lot 111.



Interesting. I think Harrison Forman has a number of photos of the gas station (Caltex/Texaco). pillbox and buildings at the junction of Hennessy and Johnston Roads taken in 1940-1941 as shown here Need to double click the HF photos for them to appear.

Hi moddsey,

Would I be right in thinking that it is possible that the apartment building shown in the first picture of the wonderful Forman set may be the site of the original 98 Wanchai Road?


I was just going on Marine Lot No. 111 shown on the map against the Harrison Forman photos. The current Wanchai Road is to the south of Marine Lot 111. Looks like there has been some sub divisions of the lot.

The photo of Marine Lot 111 in the HF sequence would be the building on the south side of the tram tracks and south of the junction of Hennessy and Johnston Roads. The building on the left as shown here methinks.




The buildings facing the tram tracks as shown in HF's photo you referred to were on Marine Lot 110 (not on ML 111).  Mallory Street  (invisible from the photo) is on the extreme left to these buildings outside the photo.  Marine Lot 111 as in 1941 was to the east of Mallory Street up to Heard Street.



Thanks Edmond. What about this photo ?

Sean - I had previously informed Jill of a photo in the HF collection of an advertisiment for C E Warren & Co. by the side of building which I believe to be in the Bowrington Canal, Wanchai area near the air raid shelters, further east from Marine Lot 111. The photo appears in page38 of the HF collection.

It is a pity I cannot cross reference the photo to Gwulo.

Interesting find of yours in the HF collection. Will have a look for it. Warrens may have had an ad there when thy took over 98a Wanchai Road as their headquarters. I know nothing much of their history after about 1919. 

Thanks again,




That is correct.



 I was most grateful for your tip about the the Harrison Forman photo, but was probably not right about 98A Wanchai Road being the location of the Warren factory at that time. The C.E. Warren & Co. tile factory actually moved to 100-108 Wanchai Road, Bowrington in 1910. Obviously the company hoarding shows the date of the Harrison Forman photo to be post-1919 when C.E. Warren & Co. had become a limited company. I have a feeling the factory may have moved again after 1910, but can't confirm that from my present records. Before Patricia gave us a  fascinating glimpse into the rate books, I hadn't realized that 98A Wanchai Road was officially categorized as a 'Dwelling' and nor had my late cousin, Brian Lewis, whose research depended on holdings in the UK such as those at SOAS. From the 1918-19 rate books there's no sign that the numbers 100-104 Wanchai Road, at least, have anything to do with C.E. Warren & Co.. Those numbers have been taken over by the HK Land Investment Co.. I wonder who owned that. I shall try to confirm the addresses of the Warren workshops at later dates. Quite a lot of space would have been needed for slabs of marble and granite and the cutting machinery in both shops. It would also have been very noisy. Personally, I wouldn't have wanted to have my permanent 'dwelling' a couple of doors away, that is unless I wanted constant oversight of what was going on.