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The 'DA Chiu'(Praying Ceremony) held every ten(10) years in the HA Tsuen area of Yuen Long....just to give thanks for the times had and those ahead....
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, September 1, 1975


It was the celebration of the anniversary of the Republic of China.

Stand by my original comment.....

This particular parade may well be in Yuen Long, but on this occasion it is part of the annual Taiwan National Day celebrations held on the 10th October commonly referred to as The Double Tenth. This is clearly stated on the banner, evidenced by the flag - and I think the portraits are those of Premier Chiang Kai Shek and Dr Sun Yat Sung.


Follow up(thanks Harry). Checked is 'Double Ten' celebrations indeed(likely in Rennies Mill...Oct 10..late 60s.

Thanks for the photo, I think the location in the photo is Lau Fau Shan 流浮山 outside the market