Mabel | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong



Barbara Anslow writes:

Here is a photo of Mabel when she was 5, taken in 1928 at a photographer's shop (I think called Ming Yuen) which functioned somehow in premises at the top of Battery Path, built out from the path, next to the French Mission.   

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1928


Fascinating photo. I would love to know where Ming Yuen might have been located, as described by Mabel's sister Barbara. There doesn't appear to be anywhere in the vicinity of the French Mission building which would "lend itself" to being a photographic studio - set into the hillside.

Perhaps there was a temporary structure set up there for photography?

Perhaps Beaconsfield Arcade/House (1st Generation) as both Mee Cheung and Ming Yuen photographic studios were previously located there.