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More strip charges

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More strip charges


The one that came my way.  The bosses were at the race course HK with the club director in his box. The director was looking at his watch and muttered words like 'the time has passed I thought it was a hoax???' Questions were asked. The race club had received a message, pay up $?????? or the bomb will go off at so and so time. The directors took it upon themselves to treat it as a hoax and continue with the race.  The time came and went and nothing so it was a hoax????? Then another meassage was received, 'as the device hadnt gone off it must have failed and it is on the final last bend area. (I suppose that was nice of the bomber, perhaps he wanted it back to see what went wrong) The bosses ordered the club quietly cleared and a search was made. Nothing was found in the structures and the Gurkas were called in with their deep detectors to sweep the track. Thats where the bomb was found in a hole, a viable device ready to go. What went wrong??? You know when the horse line up for the off and they canter/warm up by going down the track the wrong way for a couple hundred yards then turn round and back to the line.... Well on this warm up a horse had put his hoof straight down on the covered-over hole. This pushed the loose earth down the hole onto and into the exposed face of a timer clock stopping the clock. The clock was timed and set to go off as the horses were coming around the last corner for home. As the device was examined around for anti;handling devices the disturbed clock started ticking on its countdown, it was that close. Enjoy that? Yet another unknown story. If the details got out, it was thought then that others would try their luck.