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Marksman unit

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Marksman unit

During the 67 riots. HK Police used helecopters to land officers onto the roofs of high rise buildings occupied by insurgents. It was the only way in. The Marksman unit and SDU used the same tactics in training and ops. So before you saw it on cinema/tv we already had it to a fine art. The RAAF took these ops to heart and given free rein/let loose really enjoyed their role as flying combat pilots. With a 6 man ops team on board, our pilot here in the photo would zoom in, come to a stop and hover with one of his landing wheels on the top corner of the building as a static reference, we threw out jump lines. In turn the 6 of us would grab and slide down the rope onto the roof to gain access. You had to be quick, all 6 of us, because the pilot had a hover time limit to get his craft off scene and out of danger, so as we slid down the helo started to rise. Looking down, the roof of the high rise was already some 10 floors from the ground and the roof you were dropping onto looked like a post stamp, made worse by the helo rising and the bottom of the rope getting higher off the roof. So it was hover, check rope end on target, don't think just rely on all the training, grab rope and slide quick, Land on roof establish security defence line for rest of team landing and then getting on doing the job. The Royal Hong Kong Police doing things people were unaware of and didn't even realise happened.


Whilst at an armed situation HK side I was cammo'ed up in accordance to Gurka training and was part of a tree trunk keeping obs on the baddies not too far away. Just then 3 ranking RHKP in charge of the scene came to my spot totally unaware I was there and standing next to me, in the open started looking at the baddies position and comparing it to map they had. Such was the "I cannot be shot at" mentality at this time. I suddenly thrust the barrel of a cammoed Armalite onto their map and told them they will soon get shot at and I had medical training to treat this sort of bullet trauma. Shocked they zoomed off and commanded from about half mile away where the press were. When later asked Bill Duncanson didnt know who the tree was but he was there with us all, all the time. It is nice to know there is someone you can trust at your back