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K4 Chatham Road 漆咸道

K4 Chatham Road 漆咸道

因興建沙田至中環線"何文田站" K4將受影響 ???

圖中是否飲用食水的"水庫" ???

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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In the past few weeks I saw the iron door leading to what's left of the K4 ARP network is opened.  I observed that from different routes of buses passing by.  Don't know if the digging would affect it or if they would be back filled.  However the K5 network is all gone by now.  They have cut the whole hillside away.  All the portals and the tunnels behind are gone.

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I wonder if this is the original brickwork. As I understand, some air raid shelters had latrines inside.

According to the Shatin Central Link's EIA Report, both K4 and K5 tunnel networks will be backfilled by mass concrete prior to the construction, in other words they will be gone. But it also says that a complete documentation of the tunnel network including cartographic, photographic and structural survey will be undertaken.