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No idea where this is,  but it must have been taken in about 1954 and my husband has written Cameron underneath the image in his album.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1954


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I believe the photographer was facing south west, atop the Govenment Quarters along Ventris Road, maybe on Broadwood Road.  The Race Course is just behind the roof top and the chimneys.  In the middle, the building with a dome was (and still is) the Hundi Temple.

King Yin Lane is on top of the spur.  With Tung Shan Terrace group of buildings below.  That's the one distinguished Chinese if you zoom in to the maximum.  The Gap above should be the Wong Nei Chung Gap.

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View of the same houses on the spur but taken from the Happy Valley Race Course. The Hindu Temple is on the left next to the totalisator.

1950s Happy Valley Race Course


If that's Wong Nei Chong Gap, that's Mt Nicholson and Mt Cameron on the right. Hence the comment Cameron.

Henry Ching writes:

Most unusual photo of Happy Valley posted by Pauline, headed “Cameron”. It shows Mt Cameron from an angle not normally seen in photos. The gap which “T” suggests may be Wong Nei Chong Gap is, I think, more likely to be Middle Gap between Mt Nicholson and Mt Cameron.

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I checked a map again and yes, that should be the Middle Gap.  Must have been weary at that time of the day when I posted that.  If it had been Wong Nei Chung Gap the photo should be showing the houses along Shan Kwon Road/Village Road/Fung Fai Terrace instead.

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I'm so pleased that this photo is interesting.  Thanks to everyone for their comments, I can now locate this place thanks to all your expert knowledge.


As T says probably taken above the Ventris Road Government Quarters. The Quarters are shown at mid-level on the right with the same distinctive roof and white strip double chimney pattern.

1930s Race Course

1930s Race Course

The top of the mound in the middle of the gap was the site of Mt Nicholson government quarters where Martin Booth lived for while in the 1950s. At that stage they were bungalows, in the 60s flats were built for civil servants. It's now a building site for luxury housing