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1924 British attempt to fly around the world

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1924 British attempt to fly around the world

Photo courtesy of Henry Ching:

This photo is of one of the planes (piloted by Capt. McLaren) that took part in the British attempt at a world flight, again in 1924, which was not successful – presumably taken in HK, but I’m not sure.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1924


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Although the British attempt was unsuccessful, the amphibian touched down in the Harbour on 30 June 1924. The island in the foreground with the house on top is Stonecutters Island. The phtographer was looking south west towards Stonecutters and the western end of Hong Kong Island (Mount Davis) with the little islamd, Green Island on the right.

I am the grand-daughter of Major Stuart MacLaren who was the leader of this attempt to fly round the world in 1924 in this Vickers Vulture amphibious plane.  I am pretty sure this photograph is taken in Hong Kong as I have another one of them arriving on the water at Stonecutters Island on 30th June 1924 at 5.12pm.  I have done a huge amount of research about the flight and obtained many photographs from around the world to add to my collection.  Of course, I would be so pleased if you would let me know how you obtained this photograph, and if it would be possible to have a copy of it.



A Wikipedia page for Stuart-MacLaren has just been created and sparse on personal background.  ascough67 may like to contribute there.