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Where? Could it be taken in Wanchai?



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1875


The obelisk on the left looks like the Kuhlan Monument near Wanchai Market as seen here and here

There would be too much open space if it was the HMS Vestal Monument

They say ignorance is bliss and mine is doubly so!

However, I think you may be right about the picture being in Wanchai. I have pictures of my great grandfather John Olson possing with similar trees behind him. He had a business and home at Marine Lot 111 up to 1918 which was then 98 Wanchai Road.

I posted a picture of him some weeks ago with buildings behind him seeking to identify the spot. If you search John Olson on this site you will come across it. I have other pictures which may be more helpful and will post when I find them.

Hope this is helpful. 


Similar scene. Perhaps near Wanchai Market.

1900s  Street Barbers - Wanchai ???
1900s Street Barbers - Wanchai ???, by Moddsey