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Peak Tram

Peak Tram
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1960


David, could you please add the places "31 Barker Road (2nd generation Richmond House?) [????-c.2000]" and "Peak Tram [1888- ]" to this image. Thanks, Klaus.

Date stated as Jan 1 1960.... Visited HK in summer of 1959 and the North Point Power station was alive and well then. I cannot see any thing relating to the Chimneys in the photograph. I remember the start of North Point B 1953 just before I left HK in Feb '54, and do not know when it was demolished (can anyone enlighten me please?) but Lamma Island was switched on in ??1965/7??.Assume that North Point was operating until than?

Love all the photos. Harry P

Harry, the date given is not necessarily an exact one, Jan 1st is usually the date chosen when no exact date is known.

However, this is certainly from the 1960's. Compare a very similar one Here you can see smoke from the chimney at North Point. Possibly the resolution of Mike's photo isn't high enough to see chimneys.

On Wikipedia I found the start of operation in 1919, and the final decommission in 1978.

Regards, Klaus