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HKG 1960s Mike's photos



Just speculating here, with the small bit of a short building on the bottom left, is that Nairn House?  If it is, then the big slab of shopfronts on the bottom right will include a restaurant right up to now. 

Or is this a different direction altogether?


That area is known locally as Waterloo Hill. The shops below are on the south side of Waterloo Road nearly opposite the Fourseas Ten-Pin Bowling Centre, now a hotel

yes, that sliver of building is nairn house

Does anyone happen to know what was there that is now Yee On Court?


This is the house where Yee On Court now stands.

1945 Waterloo Road

another photo.

Oh Wow!  Nothing on Waterloo Hill yet (where I lived as a child).  I've never seen what's before Yee On Court, thank you so much!