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Hi there,

I would like to have someone enlighten me with the orientation of the photo.  I am not able to get a precise location of the view presented by either the "before" or "after" photo.  Can someone help out?  What road is this on the foreground?  Waterloo Road?  What direction is the camera heading?


Photo taken from Kadoorie Hill looking towards Waterloo Hill probably looking in a south easterly direction. The road in the foreground is Waterloo Road. The low rise houses appear to be the site of the former Four Seas Hotel.

I think the fourseas was a little bit further down to the right (south). I don't think it was directly opposite where Nairn House stands.


Edit: here is the Booth photo taken from the roff that shows the Nairn House area further up the road.

Hi Phil- Looking at Mike's photo, if it is flipped correctly, would not Nairn House be to the left and out of camera shot.

Moddsey - of course you're right! I hadn't noticed it was flipped. cheers Phil

Looks like Pui Ching School is on the right. The 4-5 story large building. On Pui Ching Road leading off Waterloo Road to bridge over Princess Margaret Road and Homantin Estates

Dear All,

Thanks very much for letting me find my coordinates.  I am so interested in this area because when I was small I had relatives who once lived in Nairn House, and in my current incarnation as working adult, my office is also around this area.  Obviously I don't know enough about the area and its past, but now that I have the location for Pui Ching and Nairn, I see that my office would have been captured in this photo.


Can someone please repost this photo "flipped". Traffic is on the left which is correct. Are the hills in the background the Peak etc or looking towars the N.T.?


Hills in the background are the island.Traffic going down the Argyle street is on the left.Hope this is the right way round.


thanks Mike,  which is the largish looking residence at the bottom of the photo to the left of the "high" rise? it does does not seem to be the right location for Pui Ching School? Looks more like the residence where Yee On Court now is.

Comparison photo from the school website: http://www.puiching.edu.hk/hist/hist.html

OK, got it. Pui Ching School is in the background to the right and behing the barren hill. I thought the comment was P.C.School was the building in the bottom foreground.

Hi Mike

Thank you for your share, it is great for us ... the Hong Kong ppls can have a chance to view one more time for the missing place...

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Here is a discussion link to found / recover our memory from the old map and photo....