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winter 1956 - family

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winter 1956 - family
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1956


Thank you Gwulo for the display of this picture. After all these year I still clearly remember....

Just days before, we got some very nice pre-used winter coats from our church pastor. My elder brother picked the pilot-style jacket. He was so thrilled about it. I was quite reluctant to accept the other choice and was a bit upset. Mom wouldn't let my sister to dress up with 2nd-handed coat, that was so unfair to me too. Then my mom kept telling me I should be obedient to at least try on for just one day.

In order to prove that the outfit, regardless of being so disappointed, would indeed enough to keep me warm against the bitterly cold winds on the ridges along the Peak Road, all the way to the Fairly Well area. So she decided that we should all dress up immediately for a field test over there. Yes that was one of those coldest days near the Christmas Eve.  Just 6 or 7  degree Celcius with gusty winds around the Nam Tam headlands.

Mom asked a lady friend to come along to be the camera person. By the way Mom's furs was an expensive purchase in Shanghai years before the regime change. Mom loved this photo a lot!

You see I was so grateful and happy in the picture. So what can I say? Thanks Mom forever!!!

( Lower hill beyond seems to be the Laura's Mystery Rock Group area )