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Graves in Happy Valley

Graves in Happy Valley

This is a collage of my great grandfather John Olson's ( 1918) and great grandmother Ellen Olson's (aka Ching Ah Fung) (1915)  graves in Happy Valley.

They are close to each other in actuality.

As an earlier post confirms John's grave was built by C.W.Warren and Co, who are now not  in existance, it is fair to assume that my great grandmother's grave was also erected by that company as the two are similar.

Unfortunately, a tree has been allowed to grow across my great grandmother's grave and has disloged the cross.  I am not sure how this might be rectified or if it is the responsibility of the Happy Valley Management. A branch of the tree needs cutting back and remedial work carried out on the placement of the cross.

These pictures were taken for me by Colin Day of the HKUP in 2010

 I am most grateful for them as the originals are very clear and well lit.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 2010


Since posting original pictures have been trying in vain to find out how I might have some work done to stop my great grandmother's grave being further destroyed by the errant tree.

Have had no luck.

Any suggestions welcome.



Sean, try Paul Harrison at Pheonix Conservation in Hong Kong.  I know he's currently doing some grave restoration at Happy Valley on some Armenian graves there.  Drop me a private email and I'll give you his contact details.


Thanks for yours. Much appreciated.

Email on way when I close this.