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Lei Yue Mun Barracks

Lei Yue Mun Barracks

This photo was taken in Lei Yue Mun Barracks in 1971 when the HK MotorSports Club held Hill Climbs there. I visited the HK Coastal Defence Museum last Friday but could not find this corner.

Would I be correct to assumeit is located in the Lei Yue Mun Resort Park, or where the dual carriage road is.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1971


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I believe the barracks become the Holiday Village and Park.  From Google Map there seemed to be such a twisting bend with low building in the background.

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Thanks for the correction.

I have looked at the Google Map and the hairpin corner before the green roofed "Parade Ground" looks right. In that case the new dual carriage highway would have been part of the original course.

The start of the Hillclimb was just above a ramp leading into Shau Kei Wan Harbour, which is the path of the highway.


Mark McAlpine:

the cars shown in the HK Motor Club's Hill Climb race up to Lei Yue Mun Barracks are:

an MGA on the inside and a Lotus Seven taking the corner rather wide.

Just happened to come across this winding speedway in my recent visit to the holiday village.  This is most likely the same viewing angle as the old picture.

LYM Barracks Winding Road
LYM Barracks Winding Road, by Freddie

Just as well the trees were not there in 1971 otherwise I would have had nowhere to park the MGA when the clutch broke. Luckily I was also entered with the Lotus 7. Those were the days...no speed humps as well then...