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Is this HK?

Is this HK?

I found this photo from 1971, but don't remember there being a Sands Hotel in HK. It looks like Nathan Road, but could it be Macau?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1971


On second thought, this road is way too narrow to be Nathan.

The Pink Lady Bar and the Mohans sign, and the "Slow" sign in English on the road all point to Hong Kong. I would think somewhere in TST with Hong Kong Island in the background. I'm sure someine will have a better, more definitive answer soon.

Thanks so much! The English and Chinese on the left side of the road made me think it was HK, but I wasn't sure. My uncle took this photo and stayed at the August Moon and the Merlin in TST. He also stayed at the Ambassador and maybe the Imperial, but those would have probably faced onto Nathan, but maybe not.

Yiour photo was taken in Kowloon. If I have my directions right, you are looking at Hankow Road northbound which is parallel to Nathan Road. The Sands Cinema was located at the junction of Peking and Hankow Roads. The white building on the left used to be J Hotung House and opposite it was the Hotel Merlin where I think your photo was taken from.

Thanks so much! I knew Hankow Road in the 90s, but it was certainly different back in 1971. I didn't know about the Sands Cinema. Thought it was a hotel, but now it all makes sense.