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Kowloon Street Scene 1954

Kowloon Street Scene  1954

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Any help in identifying the locations of these four photos would be much appreciated.



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, May 1, 1954


Just guessing looks like either Aberdeen or Cochrane Street on Hong Kong Island. Not in Kowloon.

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There is a company sign in the shade by the right which reads 梁章記建造 from top to bottom, with another column of smaller but not well focused words by its left. The last four words faintly resembled 印刷用具 (printing tools/accessories)

I used it as a clue and googled it.  Two entries of Google's results pointed me to microfilm entries in the public library.  It was actually the Chinese version of some sort of Hong Kong Almanac 1970 (香港年鑑). 

On Page 19, lower half, there is an entry 梁章記裝飾﹐兼造中西印刷用具 with an address of 47 Elgin Street in Central.

It is highly likely that we have a match here despite it is not a 100% match.  Elgin Street would also look that long if you are standing at the junction where it meets Staunton Street looking up towards Caine Road.

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If there is a query about the date of this it was definitely taken in 1954 as this is when my husband was in HK,  all of his photos were taken in 1954 or 1955 during his national service,  and those of Kowloon have a date of May 1954 written on the page.